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Футбол является самым популярным видом спорта в мире. Насчитывается около 4х миллиардов болельщиков и фанатов. Футбольных клубов и команд - сотни тысяч.

On behalf of fans, supporters, and mere admirers, we want to uphold His Majesty Football by creating the largest mosaic ever to exist on earth. A mosaic made up of true devotees and football enthusiasts from all over the world. Your portrait is undoubtedly there!

IF YOU ARE A TRUE FAN OF YOUR CLUB join us and support it. Show how numerous we are and who the real power is behind! COME ON IN!

Ниже приведен пример Мозаики. На данный момент в ней нет ни одной реальной фотографии -
все они предназначены лишь для демонстрации задуманного. Но скоро это будут настоящие фото настоящих фанатов!
zoom please! zoomable mosaic

Today, we invite you to contribute your own real portraits to further expand the Fan's mosaic. The completed mosaic, comprised of thousands of portraits, will be publicly displayed on our website, allowing you to easily share it with your friends. Additionally, there is an opportunity for those interested to order a high-quality, full-color poster in A0 format (33.1x46.8 inches/841x1189mm). Rest assured, with the overwhelming interest we anticipate, we will create a series of posters to showcase to the world.
We sincerely hope that you will join us in this endeavor. We will break all records. We are confident that it is achievable.
Would you like to be a part of the Guinness Book of World Records? Stay totally into it! Stay in Memory!! Stay a Fan!!!

We are waiting for you. Attempt to become a part of!

So, what do you need to participate in the project?
Давайте по порядку.
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