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In terms of popularity and prevalence globally, football stands out as the number one sport.
FIFA boasts 208 national football federations as members, surpassing the number of countries in the United Nations.

Football brings people together, encouraging them to share joy and happiness with those around them. And fans, they are the soul of football!

Many tend to think that the subculture of fans is inherently destructive and aimed at destruction rather than creation. But the world of football fans is closed, perhaps not too understandable to the ordinary person. Only the involved ones know that they live with love for football, not hatred. The world of a football fan is a world without compromises, a world that is scorching and cruel. And we will give you the opportunity to peek into this world, to literally meet eye to eye.

Football has always been a people's game and has gradually become phenomenally popular. And it is the fans, not the company owners or shareholder councils, who are the main, as it is fashionable to say now, "consumers of the product." It is the devoted fans who have been with the club before the owner arrived and will be with it after his departure. They are the blood and flesh of football. They are the soul of the club.

What do we all love about football? For its honesty, sincerity, and uncompromising nature, for the spirit of true masculine struggle. For a devoted fan, football is an opportunity to escape from everyday worries, and, no less important, to immerse oneself in the real world where there is no place for lies and betrayal. Football is an outlet for people in their daily lives.

This explains the colossal disappointment and even aggression that erupts when even football begins to deceive you. When even in football, you can't be relatively free, can't be open and express your emotions in the most sincere (sometimes not quite cultured) way.

The trouble is that modern football is gradually ceasing to be a "people's game"; it is gradually becoming part of the "show business," where commercial success takes precedence, pushing aside emotions and sincerity, sporting results.

Therefore, today we say:
⋆ A categorical NO to fixed matches!
⋆ Football is beyond politics!
⋆ Bring emotions back to football!
⋆ We are for fair play!
⋆ The name of the club, club colors, and symbols are our pride, our relics!
⋆ Priority for selection and promotion in the club - our own youth!
⋆ We are against the transfer of players and coaches from the camp of principled opponents!
⋆ We advocate for constant communication with the team and club leaders!
⋆ Representatives of fans should not be mere statistics in the life of the club.
⋆ Be active at the stadium!
⋆ Come to the stadium, support the team in any conditions!
⋆ Support your local team!
⋆ There should be a "standing" tribune at the stadium!
⋆ No matter the score, stay at the stadium until the final whistle!
⋆ Participate in visual support for the team!

The goal of this manifesto is to preserve the fundamental traditions and not allow modern football to turn into a purely commercial product. We stand for maintaining concepts such as loyalty, traditions, history, honor, and passion in stadiums.

Fans are the soul of football!

We are for "traditional football"!